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Automatic Transmission Specializaton Course

Automatic Transmission Specializaton Course

Certification Course

Continuously variable transmission

D-Step Shift Logic

Learning auto technology’s automatic transmission specialization training is a smart way for anyone who wants to learn all about automatic transmission including diagnosing & repair to enhance their current technical skill or prepare for a better career in this most promising & highly demand field.

After the completion of this course you will be able to diagnose & repair automatic transmission & also you can pursue a career as an automatic transmission specialized technician & lead a happy & satisfied life anywhere in the world.

Price: ₹6000

This Course Includes

  • Skill level : Beginner
  • Instructor : Autotechnologies
  • Duration : 1 Month
  • Lessons : 27
  • Language : English
  • Certificate : yes


  • Willingness to learn advanced automatic transmission technology.
  • Basic technical knowledge in automobile / mechanical field.
  • If not we will provide you additional guidelines.

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